Important Questions to Ask When Looking for a Home School Supervising Agency

1. What are the two assessments required in the Alberta Regulations?

2. Are home visits compulsory or are there choices where we could meet?

3. What will the Facilitator do when visiting? What do they expect to see? What do we have to show him/her? What is his/her job, really?

4. What is your perspective about the role of the supervising authority or school board in evaluating a child's progress?

5. Do my children have to write the Alberta Achievement Tests? What happens if they don't?

6. Are all your facilitators home educators or what qualifications do your facilitators have that give them a good understanding of home education for Grades 1 -12?

7. What is approved curriculum?

8. What methods of home education do your facilitators support and oversee?

9. What is my recourse if during the year we don't agree?

If you are uncomfortable with the answers, shop around.

It is important that you know you have specific rights within the Alberta Regulations on Home Education, and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and precedence set by the Supreme Court of Canada.

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