Christmas Greetings from AHEA - 2017

As home educators look forward to Christmas and beyond to a new year, some of the challenges we have experienced in 2016 encourage us to lean even more on Christ Jesus, the reason for our hope.

When reflecting on the past year, there have been events that have caused fear and hardship.

AHEA continues to work to stem the tide of such recent events.

Yet, while we focus on these concerns, it is good to remember the divine at this time when Christians the world over celebrate the birth of the Saviour.

As we consider that God came to earth as an infant, we should contemplate what is truly important in our lives: our own infants, our children of all ages, our families, our faith.

As we think of how the holy infant grew to become a man who would die on a cross, parents today realize that we are not raising children so much as raising the adults they will become.

We chose home education because we wanted to give our children the best and the fullest education: the finest academics, crucial life skills, a strong foundation in good character and faith, and a strong family.

Regardless of what the new year brings, home educators will continue to provide that to their children.

At the same time, we should remember not to hold home educating closer than God.

What we hope for from God is much smaller than what He has planned to give us. We ask for grains of sand, and He desires to bless with beaches.

Over the holidays, please send good tidings to our elected officials: MLAs, the Education Minister, the Premier.

Christmas cards of goodwill, prayers, and seasonal messages of love, hope, peace and joy are encouraged.

Those messages of peace and joy also go out to all of you from all of the volunteers of the Alberta Home Education Association: have a happy and holy Christmas.

Dr. Joe Boot at U of A Sat, Oct 29 | Dr. Baumgardner at Creation Weekend Oct 28-29

The AHEA board wants you to know about two exciting events the weekend of Saturday, October 29, 2016. Both events are sponsored by good friends of AHEA. As you'll see from below, Edmonton is double booked for these events. That said, we recommend attending each event if you're able. You won't be disappointed.

eicc joeboot event october 2016

1) Dr. Joe Boot is speaking on "Gospel Culture - a Faith for all of Life."

Come hear Dr. Boot, Senior Pastor Westminster Chapel Toronto and Founder Ezra Institute for Contemporary Christianity. His topic is "Culture-building implications for every sphere of our lives."
An internationally-renowned Christian speaker, Joe debates leading intellectuals at universities and on radio and television programs and regularly trains Christian leaders to think biblically about all spheres of life.

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Venue: Prairie Room at Lister Hall, University of Alberta
11613 87 Ave NW, Edmonton

Time: 7:00 - 9:00 PM

Free admission Fundraiser - Join us for Dessert and Discussion

RVSP by October 22nd to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Read more here:


2) The Creation Science Association of Alberta is hosting Creation Weekend where world class scientist Dr. John Baumgardner will be speaking.

Creation Weekend 2016
Friday, October 28 & Saturday, October 29, 2016

Venue: Mill Woods Assembly
2225 – 66 Street
Edmonton, Alberta

All sessions are free of charge. You do not need to register to attend.

Friday, October 28

7:30 PM – Dr. Baumgardner's talk on “How language powerfully affirms God's reality”

Saturday, October 24

10:00 AM – Dr. Baumgardner's talk on "Mendel's Accountant: Why Darwinism Fails"
12:00 PM – Carson Lueck's talk on "Leaders' seminar on equipping our youth for the evolution/creation debate"
2:00 PM – Dr. Baumgardner's talk on "Human DNA comparisons strongly affirm Genesis History"
7:30 PM – Dr. Baumgardner's talk on "How God used a Farm Boy from Texas to Develop World Class Science"

Read more here:

Sponsored by:

Creation Science Association of Alberta (www.create.ab.ca)

What does it mean to home educate under the Home Education Regulation?

February 28, 2016

In Alberta, there are a couple different ways to legally educate your children at home. The first way is to Home Educate under the Home Education Regulation 145/2006 http://www.qp.alberta.ca/documents/Regs/2006_145.pdf. This regulation outlines the responsibilities and recognizes the parent's primary role in developing, monitoring and evaluating the program plan for their child(ren). A parent must notify of their intent to home educate using the form set out by the Minister http://www.thewise.ca/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/Home-Education-Registration-Form.pdf and a teacher from their board must conduct at least 2 evaluations of the progress of the student (according to the outcomes described in the parent's program plan) per year. The parent may develop their own plan using the Learning Outcomes for Students as the basis of the plan, or may follow the Alberta Program of Studies. A parent may receive reimbursement to defray the costs incurred by the parent, up to a maximum amount set out in Alberta Education's funding manual.

The second manner of educating at home consists of providing a school authorized program at home (sometimes inaccurately referred to as 'aligned'). With this method, a school allows the parent to educate at home, but the school maintains the authority for all components of the child's education. The expectations on the parent will vary from school to school, as the parent is officially providing a school program at home. The range of programming is as vast as under the Home Education Regulation, but who is responsible for the programming is where the difference lies. In a school at home program, the school authority maintains ultimate authority for the program, monitoring and evaluation, and as the authority responsible for the education of the child, they place requirements upon a parent and student as they deem fit. The school is not required to provide any financial reimbursement to parents, but they often do, and often at a higher monetary value than possible when educating under the Home Education Regulation 145/2006.

A blending of these two types of educating at home may also be done.

While the 'look' of each program may appear to be similar, who maintains the authority for each program is clearly different. The parent is the responsible party when the child is educated under the Home Education Regulation 145/2006. The school is the responsible party in any other form of educating at home.

It is important for parents to understand the difference in parental and school authority between the two methods.

2016 Convention Speaker Review

October 29, 2015:

AHEA is aware of recent media stories and comments on the Duggar family.

AHEA values the feedback from those within the Alberta home education community and from others also.

We are currently reviewing our speaker arrangements for the 2016 convention and we expect to make a decision early next week.

Thank you for your patience.

Building a Support Group

First of all, let me introduce myself. I'm Terry Yaceyko. I'm happily married to Richard and we have 4 daughters (24, 19, 14 and 12). We have home schooled since 1991 and I am very passionate about Home Schooling and Home School Support Groups.

Through the years, I have received home school support in different ways.

At the top of the list would be support from God. Whenever I have struggled with a home schooling or parenting issue, I have prayed for wisdom (James 1:5 – 6). Sometimes it takes a while, but I have always been amazed at how God has answered my prayers in creative ways.

My husband continues to be a huge support for home schooling in my life and our home. I was talking to a friend today and she reminded me about how hard our husbands work so that we can stay home to home school our children. That alone is a big support for our home schooling. (I also pray for the home school moms and dads that are parenting and home schooling solo – it is tough, BUT do not forget that God is there for you as well, and will fill in where your spouse will or can not.... AND dear Home School Community, let's be there for the Home Schoolers around us. Do something to lighten their load.)

My older sister started home schooling the year before we did and has always been a huge support for home schooling in my life. We even lived in the same town for a few years and our children enjoyed Country Days (and more) with each other!

However, the one *best* support for my home schooling comes from our local Support Group. I live in rural Alberta, so it isn't a very big group – only about 20 of us in a hour radius, with 8 to 15 moms meeting regularly once a month. I know sometimes it is hard to fit Home School Support Group Meetings in our busy lives. It is also hard (sometimes) getting your house clean for the meeting, too! Making time for each has been worthwhile in my life, though....

We have to watch how busy we are and what we cut out of our schedule. I would recommend making sure you get the support you need to continue home educating your children. Home School dads, make it easy for your wife to get to a Home School Support Group Meeting. She really needs to be with like minded women at times – it's a great place to get inspiration, vent and share!

Home schooling our children is going against the norm. Home Schooling traditionally (parent directed) is tiring at times. Some of us have children w/ learning issues. Some have young adults (aka teens) with attitude problems. Some of us are home schooling many, while others are only home educating one. Some have been doing this for years, and some have only begun their home school journey.

Wherever you fit in the above list, there is a place for you in a Home School Support Group. (I esp. invite veteran home educators OR interested new home schoolers to pray about attending OR hosting a Support Group. Yes, it takes time and energy, but it is one of the best ways to encourage home educators in Alberta! Email me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for information and ideas for support groups AND please let me know if you start a new Support Group in your area!)

No matter who you are, please *know* you should leave a Home School Support Group Meeting feeling encouraged. That is my top goal for our Support Group Meetings. Why not make it a priority to encourage other home educators at Support Group Meetings AND whenever else you can?

Yes, it is easy to compare ourselves w/ others. Remember that leads to pride or discouragement. Avoid comparison. Share what is working AND enjoy what is working for your family – no matter what others share. If something isn't working for you and yours, try something new!

I had the opportunity recently to call all of the Support Group leaders in Alberta. I updated information (see the AHEA website for the current list of Home School Support Groups in Alberta!) and asked Support Group leaders what the *one* best thing their support group does....

It was great to hear what was working for Support Groups around the province. Some are very active w/ lots of members, while many have fewer members and concentrate on only a couple of things during the year. A few leaders said it is easier to get to know each other in smaller group settings.

Here are some ideas that are working around the province:

  • Monthly Support Meetings for parents (some w/ guest speakers)
  • A History Fair Day (with a theme, presentations and opt. costumes)
  • Home School Track Meet (in the spring or fall)
  • Weekly Sports Program - weekday evening with different ages at different times w/ a yearly fee (hopefully a member will write an article about this. It sounded amazing AND they didn't have a huge group – only about 20 to 40 families in their area!)
  • Home School Swimming Lessons
  • Education Fair (includes science, art and more + they have a Science in a Crate as an extra and a speaker for the afternoon)
  • Moms meet for an early meal and meeting at a restaurant
  • Lots of extra activities for the children – moms visit at those times
  • Email Newsletters or Yahoo Groups elists
  • Year End Celebration (OR Back to Home School Celebration)
  • Kid Activities one afternoon a month (3 – 45 min. classes – archery, pottery, art and more)
  • Weekly afternoon coffee at one member's house – moms visit while children play
  • Home School Youth Group
  • Monday Afternoons at the Park
  • Home School Family Monthly Meeting (potluck supper – then some parents supervise the children while the other parents have a mtg.)

Why do I share so many different ideas? Because our home school communities and needs are different. The ladies in our area love our monthly Support Group Meeting. It is working for us. BUT there are many ways for a Home School Support Group to meet – the above list shows the creativity of Home Schooling families in Alberta.

Are you wishing you had more home school support? Why not see if there are other home schoolers in your area that are interested and just start getting together regularly FOR support? Get the word out there. Be willing to open your home if you live in a rural area. Being hospitable is a lovely way to live. Try some of the above ideas OR come up with some of your own and see what will work with the homeschoolers in your area.

Start developing a Home School Support System today!

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