2017 Standards for Home Education Reimbursement

Alberta Education has released their 2017 Standards for Home Education Reimbursement document. The changes AHEA informed home educator's about on June 17 ( Alberta Education Review of Home Education Reimbursements ) have been made.
Both the document and a summary of significant changes to the document are included on Alberta Education's website. Many of the changes AHEA and home educator's advocated for have been incorporated.
Changes worth noting are:
-50% off music lessons may be reimbursed. This includes private music lessons.
-Musical instrument rental may now be reimbursed (to a max of 50% of parent's funding).
-The complete admissions to recreational activities (such as ski passes or multiuse facilities) may be reimbursed. Family passes are reimbursable if it is less expensive than individual student rates.
-50% of internet services may be reimbursed for the entire year (not just September to June)

You may view the document and the explanation of changes on the Alberta Education website https://education.alberta.ca/home-education-blended-programs/responsibilities/everyone/resources/

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