Regulation Review Survey

Sept 9, 2013

Alberta Education states it is working to incorporate the principles of Inspiring Education into the regulation ( key elements ) . This is a shift from rules to principles/competencies. Alberta Education is using the suggestions of home educators to assist in making this shift to the wording of the Home Education Regulation.

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  • Demographics component (pages 2 and 3) indicating that you are a 'member of a stakeholder organization' (AHEA)
  • Home Education Question (page 27)

The following are suggestions from AHEA for 'other' responses to the home education question.

  1. The question on home education is leading and biased towards more government control.
  2. Due to recent concerns AHEA has been advocating for the inclusion of non-resident school boards i.e. contract home education providers like Wisdom, Education Unlimited, THEE, etc, be included in the legislation as potential administrators of home education programs. AHEA recommends that they be able to complete this function as independent contractors unaffiliated with specific schools.
  3. A reduction in legislative restrictions and requirements for home educators.
  4. A move to the recognition that parents are the primary guides and decision makers in the education of their children and that home education legislation should be limited to reflect this concept.
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