Meeting with MLA in Summer of 2012

AHEA is recommending that Alberta home educators meet with their MLA prior to September 15, 2012.  Meeting your MLA alone, as a family, or as a group of home educators is a good way to approach a meeting. It is the desire of AHEA for all 83 MLA’s to receive a copy of the HSLDA research and Brian Ray research from a home schooling constituent.  AHEA can provide copies to you for your meeting; e-mail Patty Marler - This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

This courteous meeting is to build bridges with our elected officials, and should be treated as a non-confrontational, information sharing opportunity.  Remember that many MLAs are new and know little about our concerns. During this meeting you could address the following:

1.  Home educators still have concerns regarding the inclusion of the Alberta Human Rights Act in the Education Act http://www.aheaonline.com/index.php/political-updates/321-one-page-information-sheet .

- The AHRA is not referenced in the current Schools Act and AHEA is one of several groups opposing inclusion of the AHRA in any new Education Act.

- The federal government repealed section 13 - the hate crime section of the Federal Human Rights Act - in early June 2012.  The federal government has recognized the problem with this section of the Canadian Human Rights Act.  It would not be prudent for the provincial government to increasing the Human Rights Act authority as the federal government is reducing it. Read the Full Comment article on the National Post 

- You may mention that AHEA has recently been invited to join the organization “Parents for Choice in Education”, a parental choice advocacy organization which opposes the inclusion of the AHRA in the Education Act and is in favor of parental rights in Education. Read our Parents for Choice in Education Article

2. Home education is a very successful educational choice.  The successful nature has been proven empirically as shown in the research to be provided to your MLA.

3. It is freedom that home educators are wanting, not money. This alone is a unique perspective that very few MLA’s ever get. When it is made clear that money is not the issue, but that our parental liberties are, we have a much stronger voice.
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