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Suggested Reading List on Home Education

Books on How To and Philosophy of Education

Better Late Than Early  ~  Raymond Moore

The Christian Home School  ~  Gregg Harris

Educating the Whole Hearted Child  ~  Clay and Sally Clarkson

For the Children's Sake  ~  Susan Schaeffer Macaulay

Home Schooling for Excellence  ~  David and Mickie Colfax

The How and Why of Home Schooling  ~  Ray Ballman

Home-style Teaching  ~  Raymond Moore

How to Home School: A Practical Approach  ~  Gayle Graham

Learning all the Time  ~  John Holt

The Right Choice  ~  Chris Klicka

Homeschool Heroes  ~  Chris Klicka

Schoolproof  ~  Mary Pride 

The Successful Homeschool Family Handbook  ~  Raymond Moore

You Can Teach your Child Successfully  ~  Ruth Beechick

The Second Mayflower  ~  Kavin Swanson

The Underground History of American Education  ~  John Taylor Gatto

Upgrade: 10 Secret to the Best Education for Your Child  ~  Kevin Swanson

Curriculum Guides

The Christian Home Educators Curriculum Manual  ~  Cathy Duffy

The Big Books of Home Learning  ~  Mary Pride

Teaching Children  ~  Diane Lopez

Home Schooling Periodicals

Homeschooler's Guide ~ www.homeschoolersguide.ca

The Teaching Home  ~  www.teachinghome.com

Homeschooling Today Magazine ~ www.homeschooltoday.com

Home School Digest ~  www.homeschooldigest.com

Home School Court Report ~ www.hsldacanada.org

God's World News ~ www.gwnews.com

Practical HomeSchooling ~ www.home-school.com

The Old School House ~ www.thehomeschoolmagazine.com

The Home Education Magazine ~ www.homeedmag.com

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