Summer Fun - Educational Extras!

There are so many fun educational ideas to do through the summer.  Some home educators (such as I) home school through the summer and then take time off during the home school year (this works better with my husband's work schedule!).  Others take the whole summer off.

Why not think about it, look through some of the links below and make a plan that works for you for the summer?  It's your family, your children, your summer and your home school.  You get to choose what works best for you!

What about Adventure Boxes - books, activities and crafts all to do with one theme - written by a Home Schooling mom of 4!  You could also make an End of Home School Basket or an Emergency Summer Fun Basket.  Both are quick and easy AND self directed.

Great Summer Fun Ideas:  What can I do Today can - great printable, Summer Bingo - love this, Summer Fun Inspirations - lots of ideas here and I love the Muffin Tin Mondays!

Fun extras:  Homemade Silly Putty, Paper Bowl Jelly Fish (great as an extra for an Ocean mini unit), Lady Bug Rocks, Koolaid Lip Gloss, Treasure Pouches for Nature Walks for little ones, Put the Fire Out - water fun for littles - great for a hot summer day!

Fun Snacks:  Sun TeaBeach Bucket Cake, and Sunshine Cookies (although I found the recipe needed 2 Lemon Cake Mixes instead of one). 

I also love the Summer Camp ideas - written by a Home Schooling mom of 6!  It's a great way to have fun with cousins or extra kids for a week or so.

Do some advance planning and enjoy your summer together!  It's great to be Home Educating!

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