Have you had your Facilitator Visit lately?

I just had mine last week, which was a little earlier than usual, BUT I sure appreciate the visit and encouragement from our facilitator. He has been our facilitator for a few years already, and I just enjoy our visits so much. He has been a great support for our home education.

What I really enjoyed the most, was printing off our personal Education Plan for each of our girls (before he came) and checking off what we have done and circling what we still need to do. Even though this year has not gone as planned, it has still been a good year and we have accomplished almost all of the things I had set out for the girls to do. It is LOVELY to look at the small list of things yet to do and to realize I still have almost 2 months to do them with the girls.

If you haven't checked your Program Plan for your children yet, why not do it this week? You might be pleasantly surprised (like I was) and there is still time to get a lot of home schooling done before the end of the year!

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